Bill Wilder

Bill joined SJV in 2016 and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer. He is currently leading the development of SJV’s newest product line, our Verifications Suite. This new product line leverages world class call center technologies, processes, and best practices, to provide customizable verification capabilities to SJV’s clients. Prior to joining SJV, Bill served as the CEO for Verifications, Inc. and as EVP of Operations for First Advantage. In these roles, Bill brought his deep Six Sigma and high transaction volume experience to aide both organizations in their evolution.

In the world of verifications, there are numerous factors that lead to a successful, verified outcome. Being able to replicate certain strategies over time to continually produce verified outcomes is a mixture between an exact science, artwork, and sometimes just plain old luck! One of the biggest factors to account for is ‘call strategy’. This blog post will serve to not only define what a call strategy is, but how they actually work in producing verified outcomes.