January 2018 Posts

Anytime we talk about the various methods criminal research can be conducted, we always point out the difference between an in-person visit to a Courthouse, versus conducting research online. Numerous States and Counties provide immediate online access to criminal record information through sponsored websites, some for free, some through subscription methods. Without getting too far down the rabbit hole of ‘conventional’ versus ‘automated’ research, we’d like this blog post to specifically feature the key differences with the TYPES of Automated Criminal Research that we provide our customers.

Ask anyone that knows a thing or two about Background Screening, and they’ll tell you one of the most important components of a quality-driven background check is a County Criminal Search.  This is often considered the end-all-be-all for truly accurate and verified information on a person’s background.  With this being the case, there’s always a strong drive to obtain this information as quickly, as accurately, and of course, as cost-effectively as possible.  Wherever there’s a perceived gap in any of those three areas, Background Screening Firms always want to ‘shorten the gap’ as a means of getting court information in the best way possible.  To that end, SJV has taken the next step in shortening this gap for our customers…we utilize a direct source method we call our ‘Proprietary Researcher Network’.