May 2017 Blog Posts

We’ve all been there before, haven’t we? Ordering a criminal background check and the next thing you know, you’re being told delays are occurring because of…wait for it…stop me if you’ve heard this before…” it’s a clerk assisted search”! Oh, no, say it isn’t so! Far too often this type of update is provided without any education on exactly what ‘clerk assistance’ truly means. A clerk assisted search is typically defined as when research on a subject must be turned over to, or completed by, a Court Clerk. This puts the control out of the hands of the Court Researcher, and directly into the hands of an employee of the Court.

Who doesn’t love a good trip to Chicago?! If you’re going to Chi-town to conduct criminal research, you may need a bit of advice, so consider this your official ‘tour guide’ for how research is done in Cook County. We’ve established a network of proprietary researchers in Chicago, meaning they’re employees of SJV that work directly and solely for us. This ensures that through their level of local expertise, we’re producing the fastest, most accurate, and most affordable results possible in Chicago.

We’re here!!! Thanks for stopping by to check out what will certainly be one of your best resources in the background screening industry. You might be asking yourself, ‘SJV launched a blog, so what? What does that mean for me?’ Well, allow me to tell you exactly what that means for you!