Nat Borsh

Nat started with SJV in 2013 as a Senior Sales Executive. Prior to that he worked as a Program Manager and Channel Sales Manager for one of the largest CRAs in the world. With roots in operations, he transitioned into roles dedicated to Business Development with a keen focus on Process Improvement and Pricing Efficiencies. He also served two consecutive terms as Chairman of the NAPBS Provider Advocacy Group driving objectives and projects to benefit the Furnisher Community. Nat brings more than a decade of screening industry experience and product knowledge to serve the Clients of SJV.

2017 has marked an incredible year of growth and corporate strategy for SJV. We have seen each of our Product Houses expand and our leadership team has also developed and strengthened. In fact, I am going to break the fourth wall here for a moment and point out that is exactly why we have been launching the Personnel Profiles and Blog Posts, to help the Screening Industry continue to learn who the real people are behind the brand of SJV.