Vince Brodt

Vince has been with SJV since 2007, and is directly responsible for developing and leading the Sales, Marketing, and Client Service teams of SJV. An active member of NAPBS, he served a four-year term as Chairman of the Provider Committee and also serves as Ambassador for NAPBS Conferences. A frequent speaker at industry-sponsored events and conferences, Vince has led educational sessions on research process, technology advancements in background screening, social media, and quality assurance measures. Vince was also one of SJV's first employees as a career-prep intern, in the year 2000.

During 2017 we’ve featured various employees as part of our ‘Empowered by People’ marketing campaign. The feedback we’ve received from our customers, partners, and employees alike, has been universally positive! We’re very humbled by the response, and we thought it might be a nice change of pace for us to provide a behind the scenes look at the creation of this campaign, how we executed it, and what our plans are for the future with it.

We’re here!!! Thanks for stopping by to check out what will certainly be one of your best resources in the background screening industry. You might be asking yourself, ‘SJV launched a blog, so what? What does that mean for me?’ Well, allow me to tell you exactly what that means for you!